I found much hope and light in my summer at The Garden School. I felt welcomed, like I was part of the crew, like I was meant to be there. Many mornings I woke up and hit the floor with an excitement to encounter the day. I’m grateful for the conversations and questions and thoughts and ideas and kindness. I have felt encouraged to think in wider ways and have felt inspired to create, innovate, and challenge myself.
— Ashton 2018

The Garden School fosters strong physical and spiritual wellness through the community build amongst the volunteers and the bold leadership of the Zoba Brothers. The alternative experience outside of academia has given me a greater appreciation for college and a renewed sense of purpose.
— Sam 2020-22

It was an incredible blessing to be able to spend a summer at TGS as a part of my ministerial formation. I was able to live in connection with the land, rising early and tending to the natural bounties through much good work. I was able to live reflectively, intentionally, and experimentally at TGS while expanding my understanding of the ways in which ministry and vocation could take shape in my life. I’m ever grateful for such an inspiring and expansive summer. These are memories and relationships I’ll cherish for a lifetime and which attest to the values that shine through the daily workings of The Garden School.
—Beau 2019

Something I really appreciated about my time interning at The Garden School was that from the beginning, the leadership was helpful and invested in seeing me accomplish my personal goals for the summer. I really wanted experience overseeing and managing volunteers, and The Garden School was an excellent place for me to get that hands-on experience while enjoying being able to spend time outdoors alongside a great community!
– Christiane 2020-21

Working at the Garden School was a versatile and strengthening experience. I learned
about many areas of work that I had never been exposed to before, whether through direct
instruction or merely observation. These included farming, landscaping, business
management, and construction.

Just as valuable as the work, however, were the ideas I was exposed to. Being around a
versatile group of people provided a rich variety of personalities and discussions to observe and listen to. Being
around people, working with people, experience people— I think this is the best thing the
Garden School gave me.

I have not seen another place where volunteers are treated with such respect and warmth.

– Martha Grace 2020